It's amazing how with just a few clicks you can now get clothing for children shipped to you from a designer shop in Vaughan and can get a deal on a new GoPro clone right from a seller in China. And it all can be delivered right to your front step in a matter of days. So, you might wonder if there is still any benefit to buying from and supporting local businesses. We at are here to tell you that there are lots of great reasons to still head out the front door and down to that shop around the corner.

Everyone wants to feel that they are living in more than just a city or town, but in a community. This could be a neighborhood in a big city or a village of two hundred people. If you want to create that community feeling than you're going to need to have unique businesses and smaller operations. We will show you how helping the little guy and supporting local companies can really make a large difference in the economy, culture, and make up of a neighborhood.

When you go to the supermarket and look at the produce section it's not hard to see that local is best. But, sometimes it seems easier to grab the imports that are coming in from thousands of miles away than the products that are grown right down the street. We will explain why it's more than worth it to seek out local growers that are working in your community. It's likely that you can find everything you would need to make a feast within fifty miles of your front door.

We at Local Consumption believe that it is as important to support your community with your time and self as it is to support it financially. We want to spark your imagination with all sorts of ideas to help you organize a fundraiser or decide which charity you should donate to. There are all sorts of different ways that you can be a part of your neighborhood and help those that are living and working around you. You might find that you get as much out of volunteering as those your helping. is here to be an online community that will hopefully help those that exist away from the Internet. You can find out about enriching your own neighborhood, maybe through a vegetable garden or outdoor patio, and how to better support the local economy. We also want to help you find the services that you might need within your own neighborhood. You could create business partnerships if you're a storeowner or could get on a committee that helps create incentives for small businesses to come to the area. If you have a community or neighborhood question than we want to have your answer, no matter what that question might be.

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